Archaeological Sites

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The Minoan Palace constitutes the most representative sample of the Minoan civilization .A civilization that have been remarkably great since Neolithic year until the 5th century BC.



The architecture of the palace as well as its building system constitute a pioneer of the modern building system.



The Minoan palace of Phaistos , which is more recent than Knossos palace, constitutes a significant archeological site where the well-known Phaistos disk was discovered.


The Phaistos disk has not been completely deciphered yet.


The third in size palace of the Minoan period is located in Malia. Its exceptional architecture is characterized by the ingenuity of its residents.


One of the most recognizable archeological findings ,globally, is the bee necklace ,which was discovered in the archeological site of Malia.


The archeological site of Gortyn constitutes a very important monument ,since Gortyn was the capital of Crete in Roman period.


There have been significant findings such as The Gortyn Code which has been the most ancient and complete law code.

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